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We’re stoked to now be distributing the great Russian street brand STRESS BMX here in Australia. Stress caters to the street riders out there with lifetime warranty on their frames, “Only hard use allowed” is a term they live by. 

From the riding level to the product quality, Stress only produces the highest of both. All products are available now and will be in stores in the coming days.

Here's a few of our favourite products to highlight the brand...


On all Stress BMX frames, they made an additional gusset between the seat stays, which increases the strength of this spot almost twice. As a result, they have never seen any The Crew Frames break in this spot over the past 5 years The chain stays break less often, but instead of a standard bridge, they also made their own Wolfbone gusset.

Available here.

Stress The Crew Frame


Wheel weight is the most important weight on a bike, and tyre weight is the most important weight on a wheel. It’s all because of the moment of inertia. Without going much into the details, the lighter the tyre, the easier it is to perform absolutely anything. The Wolfgrip tyre composition includes a race compound — One of the most technologically advanced and expensive rubber compounds on the market. This compound has two main characteristics that distinguish it from other tyres: Extremely low weight and the highest wear resistance. The Wolfgrip tyre weighs 595 grams (21 oz) with a steel one, which is one of the best tyre specs on the market.

Available here.

Stress Wolfgrip BMX Tyre


For the production of STRESS bmx cranks, they used heat-treated steel of a Japanese Sanko brand. This is the best steel available on the market.

STRESS developed and introduced a gusset on cranks back in the 2013, which was produced to make cranks stronger, as well as to reduce the number of injuries to the medial malleolus. The gusset smoothes out the angles, practically excluding the possibility of getting a deep cut. For the production of the gusset, chromoly steel is used, which is cast in a special form. Then it is welded over the entire mounting area of the cranks to the spindle. Then the top of the seam is further polished to create a flat and smooth surface.

STRESS shortened the profile of the crank by 10% compared with the first version. According to their calculations, this change reduced the frequency of ankle injuries by about 40%.

Available here.

Stress Railhop BMX Cranks


The STRESS Disco is a BMX sprocket with a unique design, made of red-hot 6061-T6 aluminum. That will suit any bike and also protect your chain from getting damaged by the guard. One of the main distinguishing features of this sprocket is its 26 teeth, which will increase the gear ratio, while maintaining compatibility with short chain stays.

Available here.

stress disco bmx sprocket black


BES (the Devil) is a signature line of the Bespaliy brothers. This name was chosen for a reason – it is the nickname of their father, which also perfectly conveys the behavior of this frame. Max wanted a quick, responsive frame with a high standover for barspinning. We shortened the rear end, raised the standover and left the BB below the standard. The result was an explosive, fast, and even insane frame. Exactly what the real BES (the Devil) should be.

All of the STRESS frames have internal gussets. This is a very expensive and at the same time very effective technology. The inner gusset is twice bigger than the outer one. They effect the strength even more. The inner gusset is not exactly a gusset. In fact, the tube is milled in a special way, which allows us to leave the right amount of metal only above the top tube and only under the down tube. This way, it adds strength and reduces weight.

Available here.

stress bes bmx frame


For the Stress Voskhod fork, with specifically designed cast 8mm dropouts from chromoly Japanese steel 4130. Casting not only made the fork more beautiful, reduces the problem of dropouts being torn off during unsuccessful grinds.

With the collective decision of the STRS team, the classic offset was chosen to be 28 mm. In our opinion, it is optimal for the absolute majority of bike riders who ride street and in the plazas.

The attachment area of the legs with the steerer tube is one of the most high-loaded spots of the fork. To strengthen it, Stress first maximized the area of the seams where the legs are welded to the steerer tube. This is a simple and effective solution. But this was not enough for us, so we put an aluminum spacer on the bottom of the steerer tube. This spacer makes the steerer tube harder and it helps to redistribute part of the load on the legs. Thus, the load is spread across the fork and not concentrated at one point, which affects the strength.

There is not a single random detail in the Voskhod fork. Most brands use a bolt with a thread diameter of 25 mm. We reduced the bolt thread diameter to 24 mm to make the steerer tube walls 30% thicker in the second most breakable spot – the attachment point of the stem or the top headset bearing. The Voskhod fork bolt matches both 6 mm and 8 mm Allen keys.

Available here.

stress voskhod bmx forks


The second version of Max Bespaly signature MB grips. Now grips have two options: hard and soft. In addition, the rubber formula has been substantially redesigned, now we have added a VEX additive, which significantly increases wear resistance of grips. With 165mm length those grips become pefect choise for any street rider.

Available here.



The Stress Sportbar are made from heat-treated Japanese 4130 СrMo. Tubes change their thickness 11 times, becoming thinner where it is possible for weight reduction, and thicker in high-load areas. This allowed Stress to make the bars light and at the same time very durable.

As a result of Stress's experience that they have acquired over many years of riding our bikes and developing parts, they have produced (in their opinion) the ideal ratio between the height of the handle bar and the upsweep. On the 8.2″ handlebars with a width of 26″, the upsweep must be 2°. We noticed that regardless of the rider’s height, with a smaller upsweep, the wrist load is distributed in a wrong way, and it simply hurts the wrists. The upsweep greater than 2° is good for low handlebars.

Sportbar handlebars are made with great attention to detail. The crew at Stress ride bikes too so they know how it is difficult sometimes to find a good angle. That’s why they have added marks, which will make the adjustment much easier.

Sawing handlebars smoothly is also not easy. We’ve taken care of this. There’s a convenient marking on the handle, which helps you to easily cut off two equal parts

Available here.

stress sport bmx handlebars


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