Author: Cooper   Date Posted:2 March 2023 

We've put together a detailed article on how to replace BMX forks along with a video if you prefer that, check it all out below...


Using the tools required: Most commonly a 17mm spanner, socket or wheel brace, remove the wheel from the forks, this is going to make everything a lot easier to do.

taking front bmx wheel off forks

Most stems require a 6mm Allen key to loosen off the bolts, be sure to do this evenly and so there's no tension left on. Remove the compression bolt from the forks, Colony forks require a 3/8 socket but other forks may require a 6 or 8mm allen key.

colony bmx stem purple

With your stem bolts loose and your compression bolt removed take your head stem off the steertube, also your headset spaces. Push your forks through carefully making sure not to lose any of your headset spacers, then remove your headset. 

Installing bmx headset

Clean out the headtube of your frame. Once clean, add fresh grease to ensure a smooth headset with no creaking or crunching. Be sure to clean and re-grease the integrated bearing race that comes on all Colony forks and most other forks. 

Carefully feed your forks through the headtube of your frame then reinstall your top headset cap, headset spacers and stem. Then be sure to clean and re-grease compression ball before carefully threading back into the forks. Using your required tool, tighten the compression bolt just enough to hold the front end together.

installing bmx stem

With the front end together, re-install your front wheel, this will help when it comes time to tension and align your stem. A loose headset will rock from side to side, tighten your compression boltl so it spins freely and doesn't rock any more.

Before tightening, make sure your stem and front wheel are in line. Make sure to tighten your stem bolts evenly. Working from side to side is the best way to gain even tension.

purple colony bmx stem

Make sure your headset has no movement, your stem is done up and everything spins freely. Then you're ready to go.

Check the full range of BMX forks here.


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