Author: Cooper   Date Posted:25 January 2021 

If you're new to BMX then you may not know what BMX pegs you should have on your bike and why.

So we've written up a detailed article on the different types of pegs to help you make the best decision when looking for a fresh set.

colony anyway bmx pegs

Colony Anyway Plastic Pegs


Plastic BMX Pegs - 134 grams each (Colony Anyway)

A good chunk of riders that run pegs will be using plastic pegs, some because of the weight saving benefits but the main reason would be because of how well they grind (slide). Add some plastic hub guards and you've got the perfect setup for riding rails/ledges and anything else thrown in front of you. You will also find that plastic pegs tend to be a bit longer than CrMo pegs, the Colony Anyway plastic pegs are 115mm in length where as Colony Oneway CrMo are 103mm long.

If there was a downside to plastic pegs, it would be that they wear out quicker than CrMo or Alloy pegs but it's honestly not at a crazy rate unless you were grinding some harsh ledges such as brick etc.. You will also find that the diameter of Plastic pegs is larger, as there is an inner core usually made out of Alloy.

division dynamic plastic bmx pegs

Division Dynamic Plastic Pegs

CrMo BMX Pegs - 169 grams each (Colony Oneway)

Before Plastic Pegs were around CrMo pegs were the popular choice of riders who rode primarily street, as they grinded better than Alloy which tend to grip on rails. But the otherside of the coin are transition riders as they tend to like a bit of grip. For example Paterico Fallico prefers CrMo pegs because for technical ramp moves that involved like ice or tooth stalls you want to trust it wont slip on you (compared to plastic).

CrMo pegs are very durable and grind well, along with being a lot stronger in terms of denting from a lot of stalls such as ice picks which is a reason some choose them over Alloy.

colony one way bmx pegs

Colony CrMo Oneway Pegs

Alloy BMX Pegs - 93 grams (Family BMX Pegs)

You might find riders who generally ride skateparks will have Alloy pegs. Zac Dangerfield runs the Alloy inner cores from the Colony Anyway plastic pegs because they are a little longer than a CrMo peg (108mm) plus the weight of them is almost half the weight of a CrMo peg. 

colony alloy bmx peg

Colony Alloy Peg (Inner core from Anyway Plastic pegs)

Flatlanders also usually run Alloy pegs but not regular ones as they aren't using them for grinding, The Colony Exon pegs are a prime example as they have the knurling over the main surface area to help with Grip when doing different moves with your feet on the pegs, these aren't designed for grinding.


colony exon flatland bmx pegs

Colony Exon Alloy Flatland Pegs

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